Pause and Breathe

A comma is a moment in typography that lets you take a little break to catch your breath in order to keep going. I consider these moments in its metaphorical way to be very important. Whether it's a lunchbreak that makes you see your work with fresh eyes or a sabbatical year in life. 
 This zine follows the scenario of adding breaks to life. If you have no brakes at all life becomes boring, it's a rhythm that stays the same and doesn't surprise you. With a break every once in a while beautiful patterns appear, it's exciting what unexpected breaks in a sentence can bring. On the last pages of the zine, when there are too many breaks, emptiness takes over, you lose all overview and get lost. 
An edition of 20 copies, printed on 70 grams bible paper, bound with a sewing machine.


Post stamp

Currently we are making a digital version of anything analog, I was interested in turning this process around. I used embroidery to make stamps that look like they are on a screen, every pixel is visible. 
 I applied this same concept to the accompanying booklet. It looks like they are coloured letters on a screen but actually they are black letters on a coloured background.
Amongst 8 graduating students I was selected to pitch on the new national Dutch poststamp.


Carte Noire

I had the pleasure of working on Le Baiser, a branded short film for Carte Noire Directed by Jamie Muir.
 Inspired by Le Nouvelle Vague movement I designed the playful titles, aiming to work organically with the film and voice-over. Looking at films by Jean-Luc Godard, this bold, colourful identity came into being



Werkgroep Ecologisch Waterbeheer is a nationwide organisation in the Netherlands for Aquatic ecology. To flow in all the different types of content nicely I designed the website in a 4-column grid that allows flexibility but feels organised and is easy to navigate. When scrolling down, the top bar disappears for optimal use of the screen. In collaboration with web developer Roel Pot.


Creative Research

Stray is my alter ego for creative research work. Please find more info here:


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